Eternal Patrol


To the couragous men of the Steel-Sharks Unterseeboots flottille who gave of their lives so we may grow.

It told the story of heroes true
Who chose to fight beneath the oceans blue.
It told of battles lost and won
And how these men did a job well done.

It told of those who never came back
That suffered death by enemy attack.
It told of all the young lives lost
Paying for freedom with the highest cost.

U-Boats Lost in Action

Boat Flotilla Kapitan Player Date/Year
U-144 1ST Ewald Rademacher Teabag 12-39
U-108 1ST Klaus Scholz Coldsteel 12-39
U-55 7TH Erich Topp Razorback 12-40
U-39 2ND Helmut Metz Anamir 08-40

In Memoriam

There are no roses on a sailor’s grave
No lilies on an ocean wave
The only tribute is the seagull’s sweeps
And the teardrops that a sweetheart weeps

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