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About the Multi aspect of the Campaign

by on Apr.26, 2009, under Campaign Mission Play

A few things about the convoys and so forth:

We wrote and designed the SCR layer to be the same in each persons campaign. The Land layer is also the same.

However the Random Layer is just that, Random. So each person will have random single shipping….single shipping will be different in each persons campaign. This is important so that it creates the senarios of historical shipping and that each U-boat is sinking different ships during the war.

So, the convoys are the same in each persons campaign. This is critical for the multiplayer aspect of the campaign. This allows us to play multiplayer games based on the structure and layout of the convoy. The ships will be the same and their cargos will be the same. HOWEVER: Just so you know, the events of your campaigns will be the same, BUT , the OUTCOMES of these events could be different in each persons campaign. All things being equal, the two of us patroling in the same grid could run into the same convoy in the same place in time on the same day.  There are SPECIAL EVENTS I put in the campaign such as German raiders and warship patrols to simulate Real life events. If one of these german forces ran into the convoy in both mine and your campaigns, the German raiders might partially destroy the convoy in your campaign, but completely destroy it in mine. So these posibilities are endless because no two things that happen in the campaign will happen exactly the same each time. In other words, the Outcomes aren’t set in stone in each of our campaigns. the events are the same, but the outcomes could be different. This is just ONE example of how it is possible for me not to find your convoy in the exact place in time in my campaign. Or I might find Half a convoy, or a splintered scattered group of ships if the convoy commadore gets taken out by a warship…..

Some of you aren’t finding convoys out there during your patrols. This doesn’t mean they aren’t there…..When you look at the hisorical record, the Germans only intercepted about 2% of all the convoys sent across the Atlantic. 98% of them weren’t even scratched by the U-boatwaffe. In fact, more were attacked by German aircraft than by U-boats…

But the reason most of you aren’t finding convoys that other boats are finding is simple… aren’t paying attention to the radio messages sent by the other U-boats…you have to check in daily to the forums to look for convoy sightings,,,,and when one is spotted, you have to follow it regularly….this also means the U-boat finding the convoy has to give regular updates to the other boats…..we did this to recreate historical realism…..but any breakdown in communication will effect you finding the convoy….This forces the player to by more active, the more active you are, the more successful you will be….pay attention to the war chronicles in the war news forum….I give hints there once in a while….


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