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      Home of the only SH3  (GWX Gold) Campaign Simulation that combines both single and multiplayer gameplay in one package with a historical aspect to both.

                                                                War Date: 7 Nov 1943


                                       As Real As It  Gets!

We are a group of Dedicated sh3 enthusists from a global community, who play sh3 for the love of the game and the friendships developed while doing so.

Our staff members have found a way to rewrite the “GWX Gold SH 3”  Campaign, and make it a more historical Campaign with the same Ships, Planes and Convoys that plied the Atlantic over 70 years ago. Our dedicated staff members have given up countlees hours of their lives to create what we think is the best sh3 Campaign in the sub-sim community. All Convoys in our Campaign are written  as historically accurate as we can get them.  Same convoys, same ships, for all players.

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But if you were just passing through, feel free  to look around and check us out.

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The use of various symbols of Germany during World War II are purely for historical accuracy.  Silent Hunter 3 is, after all, a U-Boat simulation game that is very realistic, and the Steel Sharks play with a style of historical realism. We at apologize if you are offended.

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